What Are the Best Solutions for Denture Repair?

Dentures are designed to last for a long time, but they can become loose, break, or crack. They can also cause sores in the gums and mouth, making it more difficult to chew. To restore your dentures to their original shape and size, there are three basic methods that dentists use: Reline, Rebase, and Adjustment.

Rebasing is the most common type of denture repair. It involves replacing the denture's base material to improve its life, fit, or appearance. Rebasing should be done every five to seven years.

Reline is a process that replaces the part of your denture that is in contact with your gums with new material. There are two types of relines: hard and soft. Hard relines are more durable and last longer than soft relines.

Adjustment is a procedure that helps your dentures fit properly and comfortably. It can include resurfacing the contact points between your denture and gums or replacing a missing tooth.

Using Super glue to repair dentures is not recommended as it can be dangerous and cause gingival inflammation. It also has a chemical taste and will not provide a permanent solution.

Practicing proper dental care by regularly cleaning your dentures will keep them hygienic and functional for longer. In some cases, broken dentures can be repaired, but some repairs will require professional help from a dentist.

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