When dentures are too big?

The first steps experts take to fix a larger prosthesis are to re-wrap it. But, if the dental prosthesis is too large, the only viable solution is to replace it. Another way to repair dentures that are too large includes adding more dental implants as support. Another reason why a dental prosthesis may appear too large after treatment is the anatomy of the mouth.

Natural teeth rest beneath gum tissue. However, dentures rest on the gums. They should suck up to the top gum line and float above the bottom gum line. Over time, the muscles in the mouth and tongue will hold the lower dental prosthesis in place.

One of the most common problems experienced by denture wearers is a slow and steady change in the way they fit and work. These changes occur due to the gradual loss of bone in the jaw, a natural consequence of tooth loss. As the mandible contracts, becoming smaller both in height and width, the supporting gum crest also contracts. Because dentures rest on that ridge of the gum and are customized to fit your shape and size, dentures loosen as this occurs and, for many patients, end up feeling too big for the mouth.

What are your options if this has happened to you? One of the complaints that people often have regarding their dentures is that they feel too big. This can make dentures feel very uncomfortable, as they pile up in your mouth, cause irritation and, potentially, make you nauseous. Oversized dentures can make it difficult to speak and harder to chew; they can even cause you to bite your tongue or cheeks too often. And bulky dentures can make you feel self-conscious about your appearance, as they cause your mouth to stick out in an unnatural and unattractive way.

If the teeth on the dental prosthesis are too long, the dentist can trim the teeth. And then you need to make sure that your bite is correct. If your dentist decides to replace the prosthesis completely, insist on a wax test. If the second waxing isn't exactly what you want, you can ask your dentist to try it a third time.

Or you can switch to a cosmetic dentist. When you return home for the first time with your new dental prosthesis, you may feel that it doesn't fit well in your mouth. Many people say that their dentures feel bulky and too big for the mouth. This ensures that dental prostheses are the right size not only to fit in the mouth, but also to work in the mouth, including a comfortable interaction with the gums, tongue, cheeks and other structures in the mouth.

However, if your gum crest has shrunk to the point where the denture is too big to fit, re-lining the lining may not be enough to get a secure fit, and the best option may be to get a new set. Your Midtown Dentistry dentist in Houston, TX, can help you deal with common denture problems to make your denture experience a pleasurable one. In addition, thanks to advanced technology, such as 3D x-rays, 3D printers and guided implant surgery, you can be sure that your dental prostheses will be comfortable and of high quality. They try to compensate for this by enlarging the dentures, but if they don't know how to do it properly, the dentures simply end up being big.

Dentists know that suction depends on the area, so they will often try to make dentures as large as possible to try to improve retention. If you get rid of your traditional dentures and replace them with implant dental prostheses, you no longer need to suck. If you've been wearing dentures for a few years and find that refitting or replacing them no longer works to provide a good fit, adding support and stability to them with dental implants is an option you should consult with Dr. As you approach the 30-day mark of wearing your new teeth, you should get used to eating most foods easily, enjoying your favorite activities, and speaking naturally.


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