Which Dentures Look the Most Natural?

Plastic teeth will always have an artificial look, and even some ceramic teeth can often appear very flat. However, dentures created by Eldridge Dental and Glidewell Laboratories have a textured surface that helps them become the most natural looking dental prostheses in all light conditions. Aspen Dental dentures are custom made to fit you, making them incredibly comfortable and natural looking. Getting a correct dental prosthesis is a mix of science and aesthetics. The teeth must be the correct height and width to appear natural, configured correctly for the bite to be functional, and the base of the dental prosthesis must be designed in such a way that it not only harmoniously fits the soft tissues of the mouth, but also provides support to the facial structures. Hybrid dental prostheses are an excellent option for resolving tooth loss due to their sleek shape and maximum aesthetic impact. Depending on your budget and dental health, you can choose from a variety of dentures. Snap-in dentures are more stable and comfortable than traditional dentures, and they are also less expensive. However, there are risks associated with snap-in dentures such as peri-implantitis, an infection of the gums caused by bacteria residing in the implant area, and candidiasis, a fungal infection in your mouth that can cause white patches to appear on your gums and cheeks. It is important to ask your oral surgeon or dentist about these risks before getting snap-in dentures. Additionally, you should not sleep with them as they create a moist, warm environment which can encourage the growth of fungi. Implant-retained dentures look more like your natural teeth due to being held in place with small titanium posts anchored into your jawbone. They are more secure than conventional dentures, require less placement and less bone, reduce the amount of bite force that you exert in the mouth, improve the aesthetics of your smile, are more comfortable to wear, and are more affordable as they require fewer implants. Smooth and stipple dentures are also available to help ensure that your new dentures look as natural as possible. Stipple teeth have a matte finish which makes them look more natural than their smooth counterparts. The color of your false teeth is just as important as their shape; the right shade will help to match the rest of your teeth and gums. Modern dentures are designed to look natural regardless if you choose partial or full dentures. The materials used to make modern dentures are improved and more natural which means they look better than ever before. They also offer more durability, fewer irritations, and a comfortable fit. Dentures are custom-made for each patient by taking impressions of your mouth to determine the best fit and placing each tooth individually in an acrylic base.
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