Will dentures ever feel normal?

New denture wearers will start to feel more “normal” after about 30 days. During this time, you can expect to feel some pain and discomfort as your mouth heals and you get used to having a foreign object in your mouth. Absolutely not, and in fact, as technology advances, dentures become more and more comfortable. Dentures are a manufactured tooth replacement tool designed to give you the natural teeth experience.

Interestingly, humans have been using dentures as a tooth replacement for centuries and technology continues to improve at an accelerated rate. At Denture Health Care, we use BPS dentures as our first choice for all patients with dentures because of their durable strength, comfort and performance. At first, it's normal for dentures to feel strange. You're probably embarrassed that you have to get used to talking and eating normally when you wear a dental prosthesis.

You may even experience mild discomfort when doing these activities, but it's only temporary. Like braces, a dental prosthesis will feel like a foreign object at first. It may even seem embarrassing to learn to speak or eat naturally while wearing them. It's normal to feel a little bit of shock and discomfort as you get used to this, but it won't last forever.

While it may take time to simply adjust to your new teeth, it's likely that if your teeth were removed the same day you were given the prosthesis, you'll need to follow up with your prosthodontist to make sure they continue to fit properly as you recover. These dental prostheses are called immediate prostheses, and you should talk to your prosthodontist to see if that treatment is best for you. Using new partial dentures means getting used to a bit of oral discomfort as your mouth adapts to your teeth. While it will take some time for your dentures to feel completely safe using them, the premium dentures offered by Dentures at Varsity will allow you to enjoy all your favorite foods again.

If you're asking this question, it's likely someone who has recently had a new dental prosthesis placed or who is looking for a denture and is worried that they will feel comfortable. Patients who are preparing to talk to their dental professional about the possibility of obtaining a dental prosthesis should be thrilled to learn that there are now a multitude of options to consider. You should get used to the movements and adjust the amount of pressure you use to chew until you are confident in your bite and can chew constantly without dislodging your teeth. If you're wondering how to make dentures more comfortable, using a denture adhesive may be the answer.

Techniques such as singing slowly, with soft and easy phrases can help you get used to saying certain words without feeling that your dental prosthesis is inhibitory. Your new dental prosthesis will restore your jaw to its correct position, which may alter your nutritional capacity momentarily. One of the most important steps you can take to feel comfortable with dentures is to be aware of your treatment plan. That's why, like exercising any part of the body, building these muscles in the first few weeks (or even before you put on your dental prosthesis) can give you more control over your meals while you eat.

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